Daily Humor


Yes, this is how I feel sometimes when I’m at work.  I say sometimes….but it’s majority of the time…


and this…..I would SO love to do this if I didn’t think I’d get fired.  Hell, I might even do it the day I retire!  Ha!



Bride of Frankenstein


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My newest creation for halloween and my best friends daughter, Bride of Frankenstein.  She is made from felt.  That little package in her arms is a Halloween Pez (Dracula).



Holiday Orders


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A Pet Portrait is a great gift idea for a family member and friend.  With the Holidays around the corner, it’s time to start putting in orders for Christmas.  All orders must be in by December 1st.  

For a short time only I will be offering a special for the Holidays, now  thru Dec 1, 2013.  

See my website for more details and to order if interested. 

Fall is in the air


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I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t had time to post.  The past few days have been so nice, in the 70’s.  I love that fall is in the air, cooling weather, pumpkins and Halloween stuff starting to come out in the stores, pumpkin coffee, and everything else pumpkin!  Halloween is just around the corner and I couldn’t be more excited.  Also being able to go hiking and walking outdoors in the cool air. 🙂

I do believe there is going to be a Halloween costume theme this year.  My boyfriends friend/roommate is pretty sure he’s going as Jack the Ripper, I will be one of his dead victims and my boyfriend might go as the detective.  I just need to find an inexpensive dress that I can mutilate and bloody up.  I have a whole month & 1/2 to come up with something.

Busch Gardens had their beginning night of Howl-O-Scream last Friday the 13th, which my boyfriend and I went to.  We had fun even though it wasn’t scary at all.  I was even more disappointed than last year, but some of the decorations were cool.  There just wasn’t much interaction with the dressed up employees trying to scare people.  Kings Dominions Halloween stuff is so much better than Busch Gardens.  It doesn’t scare me either, but their decorations and interaction out weighs BG.


We also watched the third season of The Walking Dead.  It was awesome!  The Governor really got under my skin from the start of the season.  I didn’t trust him at all.  I SO wanted him to die instead of Merle.  Yes, Merle got on my nerves, but I would rather deal with him over the Governor.  Sorry if anyone who watches the show hasn’t seen the third season!  I don’t want to ruin it for anyone!  Anyway, Daryl has always been my favorite characters of the show, however when Michonne made her appearance I added her to the list fast.  If I had to go through a zombie apocalypse I’d want both on my side!

I watched the trailer for season 4 and I can’t wait for it to come out next year so I can watch it.  I think that’s one of the things that sucks about not having cable.  Although I do like being able to watch them when I want and without commercials!

Who is your favorite Walking Dead Character?



Bride of Frankenstein


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bride_of_frankenstein_01My best friends daughter has been telling her for over a month now she wants to be the Bride of Frankenstein for Halloween.  How she came up with this idea on her own her mom isn’t sure, but its a damn good idea and unique for a child!  A 5 year old who loves Halloween as much as her mother and I.  I hope when and if I have a child they love it just as much.  I wouldn’t mind being bride of frankenstein one year myself, but I have something else in mind this year.

last night I got the idea in my head to make her a Bride a Frankenstein doll out of felt.  I know what you’re thinking, “she says ALL the time dolls freak her out and here she is making one?!”.  Well it’s a little different for some reason.  I don’t ask me why, but it is.  Anyway, I started working on the bride last night and almost have her head finished.  I’ll post a picture of her once completed.  So far she looks pretty cute.

Halloween Treats


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Forget the Trick or Treat, just give me the treats!  Anyone throwing a halloween party this year?  Whether it is for adults only, kid friendly or just for the kids, here are some cool ideas I found while haunting the internet this morning.  Some of them have links to the recipes while others are just the picture, but you can pretty much get an idea how to do them. 

halloween caramel spiders

These cool little Pecan-Caramel Spiders are from the Food Network.

These spiders have been rated 4 stars.  After skimming through the reviews it looks like some people had some difficulty making them.  All in all, they look quite tasty, but be warned they do contain nuts for those with nut allergies!  This means they are out for me, but I’m sure there could be ways to create them without nuts just put those creative caps on. 🙂 

cook  Witchy hats made from cookies & kisses.  Very cute for a childs halloween party or better yet, why not a Harry Potter birthday party? 

Speaking of Harry Potter, what child or some adults wouldn’t love a spread like this?! 



 OK, I’m not one of those people that could be paid to eat a bug or worm live let alone made from gelatin, but these are pretty cool for a party idea!  I thought them worthy of posting though!Here’s the recipe for these worms along with some other cute treat ideas from Atlanta with Kids, 5 Freakishly Fun Halloween Treats and Snacks for Kids.

 halloweencrafts 002

Ghoul, zombie or maybe frankenstein fingers?  These are kind of creepy and  look easy to make with just a few ingredients.Unfortunantly I, myself couldn’t get the blog to load without being blocked for security reasons(at work…sigh) 😉  However please check out Deep in the Heart of Tejas: Halloween Treats if interested in making them. 

Anyone for Brrrrraaainhalloween-brain-food

I’ve seen ice molds for brains during halloween to put in punch.  I’m sure the mold can easily be used to make a brain from something else depending on what the mold is made from..    I’ve often thought about getting one then never do.  It’s on my list for this year though.

tumblr_mawue04JG31rfjtedo1_500  Well, when not in the mood for brains how about intestines?  DIY Intestines Dinner Recipe and Tutorial from canarygirl here. Since you use already prepared puff pastry this is pretty easy to make.

If any of these belong to you and would like them removed please let me know.   I have given credit to each if attached to someones site/blog.  I take no credit or ownership of any of these recipes or pictures.  If I decide to post any of my own at some point during the countdown, I will specify.  🙂



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This morning I decided to see what the top 10 phobias are.  What is a phobia?  It can be termed as an illogical or irrational fear of certain things or events.  There are almost 700 different types documented in the list of phobias.  Pretty interesting if you ask me.  Mine are fairly obvious if you follow my blog; dolls, clowns and caterpillars.  Yup I know..some people might laugh and think that’s pretty silly, but for me they are just plain freaky. 

Do you want to know what are the common phobias people suffer from? Here is a list I found of the top 10 most common phobias in the world, that cause irrational fear in people.   

Top 10 Most Common Phobias List

This list is in no order by rating and has a brief description and some facts with them. 

Arachnophobia: This is the fear of spiders. Interestingly more women are known to be affected by arachnophobia than men.

Acrophobia: This refers to the phobia of heights that can affect one’s daily activities to a great extent.

Agoraphobia:  Refers to the fear of being unable to escape from a place. Such people avoid crowded places. So intense can this fear become that many affected individuals refuse to leave their homes or may do so only when accompanied by a friend or family member.

Social Phobia: One strong contender in the top 10 phobias list is social phobia which refers to fear due to social situations. Affected individuals may avoid attending public events.

Aerophobia: This is another strange fear that has made to the list of common phobias in the world.   These are the people suffering from fear of flying.

Brontophobia: This refers to the fear of thunderstorms. Some sources also associate this phobia with lightning, as lightning and thunderstorms occur almost always together. Such people are reported to go into hiding as soon as thunder and lightning strike.

Mysophobia:  Mysophobic people have an irrational fear of germs. Also known as germophobia, people who suffer from this condition are often seen washing their hands to keep them free of germs.

Carcinophobia:  Refers to fear of acquiring cancer. This fear sometimes impairs the understanding of the fact in carcinophobic people that cancer is not contagious. Their fear may compel them to avoid contact or interaction with people suffering from cancer.

Necrophobia: It is the fear of death or anything related to it. Necrophobic people feel anxious if they have to attend funerals or see a coffin. Anything related to death can trigger panic in such individuals.

I would like to do my own poll as well.  See below and let me know what your phobias are.  I have listed random things that may or may not have anything to do with the list above.  Thank you for participating.

New Blog


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As the days go by I have been feeling a little better.  As I say this I swallow and my ears clear for the first time in two weeks.  Its been a swap between muffled sounds to my head being fogged and every little noise sounds amplified.

Happy to announce I’ve started a new blog.  Naturally this is my home base so The Lone Wolf is here to stay.  I use to write a lot in my teens and did a lot of role-playing stuff.  I slowly lost time to do it as I got older and I miss it terribly.  So, that being said I’ve decided to create a new one for the soul purpose of writing.  It’s called Whispers from the Dark.  I have yet to post anything, but wanted to share with my followers.  Just a warning my writing can be a little dark.  If you like horror and such, then you’ll be good. 🙂

Moving along….I started a project the other day for my boyfriend.  I bought him a sketch book the other day and am now turning the cover into the Book of the Dead, from the movie Evil Dead.  It was suppose to be a surprise, but I’m horrible with surprises so I ended up showing him what I started last night.  He was very tickled and excited.  I do love making people I care about happy.  I’ll have to post pictures once it’s complete.   Speaking of the Evil Dead.  I recenting bought the newest and we’re planning to watch it Thursday for the third time (saw it twice in the theater).  Super Excited, nothing gets me going like a horror movie!


Is it Halloween yet?  You know it’s around the corner when stores start putting out halloween merchandise.  When buying the sketch pad the other day, I got goose bumps from excitement at seeing stuff already out.  I ended up buying a bag of small skull beads to decorate some witchy prop bottles with.  I can’t get too crazy with things since I’m still in the long….never ending process of waiting for my house to sell.  Nothing in my area is selling fast, it seems to be a year or two for anything to go around me and that’s not a happy thought.  So I guess I’ll have to wait until I’m settled in the new place.

 Days till Halloween…78 days



Sorry I haven’t written in a few days.  I haven’t really been in the mood to write. I have been really sick with a chest infection thats driven my asthma crazy.  I’ve been miserable between not being able to breath, coughing, and lack of sleep.  I’m here today though.  I’m feeling a lot better than last week, but still having some trouble breathing.  There’s an occasional rattle in my lungs that still sends me into a coughing fit.

I’m so frustrated since I had gotten into a good workout routine.  I was even doing good with adding light jogging into my walking.  I had to miss a whole week from being sick!  I plan to start it up again today, but keep it light until my asthma’s under control.

As for posting anything for the Halloween Countdown, I’m pretty much brain dead right now.  I might post something later though.  I have been looking through my boyfriends Magic the Gathering cards trying to come up with a cool and unique halloween costume idea. 🙂

Makeup & Face Painting


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I’m pretty impressed by some of these halloween face painting and makeup ideas.   I deifnitely want to try out some of them some time.  I don’t take any credit for the pictures below.  I just appreciate the talent and wanted to share.  If any of these belong to you and you wish them removed, please let me know.  🙂




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I put a spell on you..and now..you’re mine.  I’m back from the weekend, can’t say that I’m rested as I lack sleep from insomnia.  Here I am though!  I thought today I would list a few Witchy movies that I love.   They are not scary of course, but then again I haven’t found a movie yet that scares me…

This list differs from the others since some of them are child friendly.  That being said brings me to the first on the list, Harry Potter.  I’m a big Harry Potter fan, I love the books and the movies.  I adored being able to watch all the kids grow up through the series of movies. 


Hocus Pocus, another favorite.  The sanderson sisters just tickle me.


The Good Witch


The Witches, I watched this growing up.



The following aren’t child friendly, however on my list.  🙂   


practical magic           the-witches-of-eastwick-movie-poster-1020469564 Hansel-and-Gretel-Witch-Hunters-2013-Movie-Poster The-Craft-movies-44839_664_458


There are so many movies that involve witches its hard to name them all. 



Horror Movies


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Hello my, twisted kiddos.  With the weekend on its way I know I won’t be writting anything so I’ll have to make up for it today.  There are so many horror movies out there I like it’s hard to even know where to start.  I’ve already mentioned a few of my favorites from the Vampire & Werewolf posts.  Now it’s time to move on to greater things….slasher, supernatural, zombies, and the list goes on.  Below are several must watch movies on my list.




Other Movies

Those are but a few movies.  I thought I would spare everyone a hoard of pictures. 🙂  I’m such a horror movie fan I couldn’t begin to list them all.  What are some of your favorites?

Here is where I must leave you for the weekend…


Werewolf Movies


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In the spirit of carrying on my daily countdown to Halloween.  I decided to post some cool werewolf movies today.   I think what makes it for me is when they look more realistic and not “fake”.  If they look too fake all is lost for me.  Here are a few in no particular order.


I realize I have posted the Underworld movies twice now, but it seems fitting since there are both werewolves (Lyans) & vampires.  Also they happen to be some of my favorite movies.   Having Kate Beckinsale as the lead character also is a plus in my book. 🙂

Movie Series:

  • Underworld
  • Underworld: Evolution
  • Underworld: Rise of the Lycans
  • Underworld: Awakening

35646-werewolves-123 Lycan from the Underworld movies.  I love their fierce look.

A few other movies in my list…


I’m at a toss up on whether I would be a vampire or werewolf if there was a choice..I’m such a wolf girl I might have to say werewolf.  Which would you be?