Pieces of Me

Who am I? A question I’ve asked myself for quite some time now.

I think of myself as rather simple and easy-going.  The little things in life are what brings me happiness.  I’m not materialistic by any means.  I love all things nature and find the most comfort in its surroundings than indoors.  I’d much rather lose myself in the woods, a beach, mountains, etc.   That too can be said about the fellow creatures that roam/swim/fly this earth.  They bring me much joy and calm my soul.  There is something about looking into the eyes of an animal that speaks volumes.

I find it easy to lose myself in daydreams or an alternate reality to the point I sometimes have a hard time telling the difference.  Perhaps that is the Pisces in me.  Fortunately for me I have met and married the love of my life that has some how brought me back to reality.  He keeps me grounded, at least when he’s around.

I love art of all kinds yet I, myself am quite fond of pen & ink.  It’s my passion.  I devote my spare time as a commissioned pet portrait artist.  The ability to capture the essence of the animal’s personality and attention to detail is my specialty. I also dabble in colored pencil and water-color to add a little color to pictures.

I love a good book and losing myself in its pages. I’ll read just about anything I can get my hands on. From fantasy, thriller, murder mystery to DIY, field guilds and nature books. It doesn’t stop there! The skies the limits!  My dream has always been to have an enormous old library like the ones you see in castles or Harry Potter (sigh).  Yes, I am a dork.

I’m drawn to the unknown, supernatural, and paranormal. I’ve had a fascination for death since I was young. Where it comes from I don’t know. Investigating haunted places and houses is another interest of mine. Cemeteries have always been my escape to calm my soul. A place of peace and curiosity. Old buildings and places, haunted or not are also a love of mine. They carry with them so much history and mystery.

Happy wanderings..

20 thoughts on “Pieces of Me”

  1. thanks for following my blog…you are a very interesting person. I hope i can get to know you more 🙂

    cheers and more power!

  2. Amazing tattoo!

  3. Thank you! 🙂

  4. What a great blog!! So glad I found ya. 🙂

  5. Anonymous said:

    Thank you for visiting my Blog 🙂

  6. i think it would be a fairly good idea if you would please look at my blog. I think you would find it interesting.

  7. Beautiful blog. Love the pics and the vibe.

  8. Morgana Rose said:

    Hey! I nominated you for the Lovely Blog Award! http://notesfromthebroomcloset.wordpress.com/2012/07/19/isnt-it-lovely/

  9. Quite impressive ! I appreciate you stopping by my blog and subscribing. I look forward to sharing more with you in the future. Bella Remy.

  10. You are so interesting! Love your pet portraits ~ you have great talent!

  11. Hi! My name is Sue, and I’m from SlimKicker, a fitness/diet app and site. I saw your blog a few days ago and it captured my interest!

    I’m contacting you b/c we’re about to release a fitness tracker (similar to FitBit) early next year, and are looking for bloggers who would be interested in receiving 1 for free to review when it is out (negative or positive).

    Would you be interested in doing this? You can email me at: sue (at) slimkicker (com) with ‘Review’ in the email heading if you are.

    In case you don’t know, our site SlimKicker basically turns your fitness/diet goals into a level up game. The tracker will work with the website, and allow people to track calories burned and number of steps they walk automatically. The more they exercise, the more points they rack up! That’s basically how it will work.

    Anyway, hope to hear back either way…

    – Sue
    P.S. You can choose not to publish this comment as this is more of a private comment 🙂

  12. I went to basic training with a guy who used lone wolf as his blacksmithy company. i have been looking for him for a bit and came across your blog. you look and remind me of the stories of his wife.
    basic in Ok 2003

    if im barking up the wrong tree i apologize for the confusion.

    • Heather said:

      I’m sorry this isn’t Dana. I hope you find who you’re looking for.

      • Thank you for the reply. Dana is the town they live in haha.

        Btw you do have another follower for your blog. i read most of it last night awaiting a response.

        no you are not a dork simply someone who appreciates things that most have forgotten. hard to find now days.

        • Heather said:

          Oops, sorry I just re-read your comment and misunderstood about the name haha. I was half asleep last night when replying.
          Thank you, always nice having new followers. I haven’t been on much lately, but trying to get back into it. Enjoy!

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