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I haven’t been around in quite some time.  I’ve been so swept up in sewing projects and portraits I haven’t been able to make time for blogging.  Anyone that follows me has seen some of the miscellanous stuff I’ve sewn by hand.  My parents bought me a sewing machine to experiment with so I have been learning how to use that since I got it.  Since then I have sewn a baby blanket & My Little Pony -Rainbow Dash (for my niece).

20150104_214018   PHOTO_20150115_220646

Both recipients of the baby blanket & pony loved them!  Which I’m happy about.  I’m considering making the ponies to sell on Esty, once I have gotten done with my list of projects.

Next brings me to my passion, my pet portraits.  I’ve done 2 so far between December and present, with another I’m getting ready to start on.

Millie Pete



Happy Crafting!