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It’s been awhile since I’ve posted.  There’s been so much going on lately I can’t seem to keep up with things, maybe I’ve just been lazy with my blog or forgotten about it.  I think it’s the latter.  Anyway..

I got married a few weeks ago.  Yayy…everyone seems to think I should be so much more happy than I already was with my mate.  The truth is I don’t feel or I should say, we don’t feel any differently than we did before.  No big deal to us since we aren’t religious and far from traditional.  We’d planned to be life parteners anyway; all marriage is, is a legal binding and everything else seems to be for everyone else.  We didn’t want a wedding, rings, party, gifts or Honeymoon..simply put we just wanted something that was between the two of us and no fuss.  Everyone has driven us nuts, because of our lack of tradition and religion.  At least have a party or honeymoon they say.  Why?  We don’t want a party.  If we had a party it would be for everyone else and we’d be paying for it!  We don’t want a honeymoon, because to us its a waste of money when we already spend time together plus trying to save for a house.

Our day was for us, no one else.  We chose to married March 20th since it was the first day of spring.  We’ll celebrate every year on the first day of spring.  People either get it and think its cool or look at us like we have horns.  It was just the two of us and the justice of the peace.  It took all of 2 minutes for the I do’s and vows.  He told me I didn’t have to change my last name, because he didn’t own me.  I think it’s an honor since he’s my mate so I changed it.  It’s taken longer to get my last name changed than anything.  We plan to get matching tattoos around our left forearms as soon as we finish doing a little more research and I can get it drawn up.   The idea is two wolf heads facing each other with a celtic knot connecting them.  The research is for the celtic knots since we want to find the meanings of them first before picking anything.  However, there isn’t much documentation for their meanings and its been difficult.

The Biggest Loser Challenge ended March 9th, I came in 3rd place so was pretty happy since winning was a bonus to me on top of losing weight.  I have continued on my journey to reach my goal.  I hurt my shoulder while working out a few weeks ago so that has slowed me down.  I’m not entirely sure what I did.  I never went to the doctor since I hate going. All I know is there was a loud pop, no pain so kept working out; though later couldn’t lift my arm above my head for a few days without being in pain.  I can tell you trying to undress/dress was quite painful and I needed assistance.  Its been about 3 weeks since it happened and as of yesterday I’m back on point and feeling better.   I still have a little discomfort when moving my arm/shoulder a certain way, but I’m pushing forward.

I’ve covered a lot in this post so far.  Whew, onto the next topic!  Zombies!  Naturally, I’m sure people are rolling their eyes since I always post something about zombies.  I just can’t help myself.  A girl at work sent me a quiz this morning, Would you survive a zombie apocalypse? Along with her comment, ” I took this quiz last night. I need to get my shyt together! I’d only last 3 weeks!!”  After a laugh I took the quiz myself and this was my result.

4-3-2014 8-32-46 AM

I guess maybe I should be so eager to jump into zombie fighting, huh?

I decided to take the quiz again and rethink things.  I made it past a year this time, but lost my humanity in the process.

How long would you survive?