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On my journey to creating a healtier me I have been trying to work up to jogging.  I started doing intervals two months ago, but between asthma and getting sick so much it’s slowed me down.  I’ve also been having knee pain when jogging.  Does anyone else experience this as well?  What do you do for it?  I’m hoping losing some weight will help the issue and it’ll go away.


Yesterday someone at work mentioned a friend of theirs used a training app and it’s helped them build up to running.  I thought it was a great idea!  I remember seeing one for zombies 5k awhile back. Yes, I said zombies!!  It’s called Zombies, Run! 5k so looked it up and downloaded it to my phone.  I’m a horror nut, so what a perfect theme to get me motivated and more focused!? I can’t wait to start training today.  I registered this morning, but have my profile private….unless I could get some people to join me.  Then I might consider sharing. 😉