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I’m a horrible procrastinater.  I started on a great horned owl months ago, just as a hobby and trying out new techniques.  I like to draw in between pet portraits to keep myself going and improve on things.  There is always room for improvement on anything. 🙂  Any who, I always start things then get bored with them and forget about them for a while.  As with the case of the owl..

Here’s a shot of the owl I have been working on.  I picked it back up the other night.  Sorry for the quality of the picture, I took it with my phone’s camera.


Once he’s done it’ll be framed and hung in our new home.  Whenever that may be, since my house is still for sale!  I’m getting very frustrated over the whole thing.  One the plus side I decided to take a stab at wood burning.  I’ll start doing that once moved as well.  I have a wood burning kit and always wanted to try.  If I can get the detail I achieve with my pet portraits onto wood that may be an option for anyone wanting a portrait of their pet on wood.

I also might add I bought my first cross stitch pattern of a wolf (will be hung in our new home).  Any cross stitchers out there with pointers I would greatly appreciate it! 🙂