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bride_of_frankenstein_01My best friends daughter has been telling her for over a month now she wants to be the Bride of Frankenstein for Halloween.  How she came up with this idea on her own her mom isn’t sure, but its a damn good idea and unique for a child!  A 5 year old who loves Halloween as much as her mother and I.  I hope when and if I have a child they love it just as much.  I wouldn’t mind being bride of frankenstein one year myself, but I have something else in mind this year.

last night I got the idea in my head to make her a Bride a Frankenstein doll out of felt.  I know what you’re thinking, “she says ALL the time dolls freak her out and here she is making one?!”.  Well it’s a little different for some reason.  I don’t ask me why, but it is.  Anyway, I started working on the bride last night and almost have her head finished.  I’ll post a picture of her once completed.  So far she looks pretty cute.