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Forget the Trick or Treat, just give me the treats!  Anyone throwing a halloween party this year?  Whether it is for adults only, kid friendly or just for the kids, here are some cool ideas I found while haunting the internet this morning.  Some of them have links to the recipes while others are just the picture, but you can pretty much get an idea how to do them. 

halloween caramel spiders

These cool little Pecan-Caramel Spiders are from the Food Network.

These spiders have been rated 4 stars.  After skimming through the reviews it looks like some people had some difficulty making them.  All in all, they look quite tasty, but be warned they do contain nuts for those with nut allergies!  This means they are out for me, but I’m sure there could be ways to create them without nuts just put those creative caps on. 🙂 

cook  Witchy hats made from cookies & kisses.  Very cute for a childs halloween party or better yet, why not a Harry Potter birthday party? 

Speaking of Harry Potter, what child or some adults wouldn’t love a spread like this?! 



 OK, I’m not one of those people that could be paid to eat a bug or worm live let alone made from gelatin, but these are pretty cool for a party idea!  I thought them worthy of posting though!Here’s the recipe for these worms along with some other cute treat ideas from Atlanta with Kids, 5 Freakishly Fun Halloween Treats and Snacks for Kids.

 halloweencrafts 002

Ghoul, zombie or maybe frankenstein fingers?  These are kind of creepy and  look easy to make with just a few ingredients.Unfortunantly I, myself couldn’t get the blog to load without being blocked for security reasons(at work…sigh) 😉  However please check out Deep in the Heart of Tejas: Halloween Treats if interested in making them. 

Anyone for Brrrrraaainhalloween-brain-food

I’ve seen ice molds for brains during halloween to put in punch.  I’m sure the mold can easily be used to make a brain from something else depending on what the mold is made from..    I’ve often thought about getting one then never do.  It’s on my list for this year though.

tumblr_mawue04JG31rfjtedo1_500  Well, when not in the mood for brains how about intestines?  DIY Intestines Dinner Recipe and Tutorial from canarygirl here. Since you use already prepared puff pastry this is pretty easy to make.

If any of these belong to you and would like them removed please let me know.   I have given credit to each if attached to someones site/blog.  I take no credit or ownership of any of these recipes or pictures.  If I decide to post any of my own at some point during the countdown, I will specify.  🙂