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This morning I decided to see what the top 10 phobias are.  What is a phobia?  It can be termed as an illogical or irrational fear of certain things or events.  There are almost 700 different types documented in the list of phobias.  Pretty interesting if you ask me.  Mine are fairly obvious if you follow my blog; dolls, clowns and caterpillars.  Yup I know..some people might laugh and think that’s pretty silly, but for me they are just plain freaky. 

Do you want to know what are the common phobias people suffer from? Here is a list I found of the top 10 most common phobias in the world, that cause irrational fear in people.   

Top 10 Most Common Phobias List

This list is in no order by rating and has a brief description and some facts with them. 

Arachnophobia: This is the fear of spiders. Interestingly more women are known to be affected by arachnophobia than men.

Acrophobia: This refers to the phobia of heights that can affect one’s daily activities to a great extent.

Agoraphobia:  Refers to the fear of being unable to escape from a place. Such people avoid crowded places. So intense can this fear become that many affected individuals refuse to leave their homes or may do so only when accompanied by a friend or family member.

Social Phobia: One strong contender in the top 10 phobias list is social phobia which refers to fear due to social situations. Affected individuals may avoid attending public events.

Aerophobia: This is another strange fear that has made to the list of common phobias in the world.   These are the people suffering from fear of flying.

Brontophobia: This refers to the fear of thunderstorms. Some sources also associate this phobia with lightning, as lightning and thunderstorms occur almost always together. Such people are reported to go into hiding as soon as thunder and lightning strike.

Mysophobia:  Mysophobic people have an irrational fear of germs. Also known as germophobia, people who suffer from this condition are often seen washing their hands to keep them free of germs.

Carcinophobia:  Refers to fear of acquiring cancer. This fear sometimes impairs the understanding of the fact in carcinophobic people that cancer is not contagious. Their fear may compel them to avoid contact or interaction with people suffering from cancer.

Necrophobia: It is the fear of death or anything related to it. Necrophobic people feel anxious if they have to attend funerals or see a coffin. Anything related to death can trigger panic in such individuals.

I would like to do my own poll as well.  See below and let me know what your phobias are.  I have listed random things that may or may not have anything to do with the list above.  Thank you for participating.