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As the days go by I have been feeling a little better.  As I say this I swallow and my ears clear for the first time in two weeks.  Its been a swap between muffled sounds to my head being fogged and every little noise sounds amplified.

Happy to announce I’ve started a new blog.  Naturally this is my home base so The Lone Wolf is here to stay.  I use to write a lot in my teens and did a lot of role-playing stuff.  I slowly lost time to do it as I got older and I miss it terribly.  So, that being said I’ve decided to create a new one for the soul purpose of writing.  It’s called Whispers from the Dark.  I have yet to post anything, but wanted to share with my followers.  Just a warning my writing can be a little dark.  If you like horror and such, then you’ll be good. 🙂

Moving along….I started a project the other day for my boyfriend.  I bought him a sketch book the other day and am now turning the cover into the Book of the Dead, from the movie Evil Dead.  It was suppose to be a surprise, but I’m horrible with surprises so I ended up showing him what I started last night.  He was very tickled and excited.  I do love making people I care about happy.  I’ll have to post pictures once it’s complete.   Speaking of the Evil Dead.  I recenting bought the newest and we’re planning to watch it Thursday for the third time (saw it twice in the theater).  Super Excited, nothing gets me going like a horror movie!


Is it Halloween yet?  You know it’s around the corner when stores start putting out halloween merchandise.  When buying the sketch pad the other day, I got goose bumps from excitement at seeing stuff already out.  I ended up buying a bag of small skull beads to decorate some witchy prop bottles with.  I can’t get too crazy with things since I’m still in the long….never ending process of waiting for my house to sell.  Nothing in my area is selling fast, it seems to be a year or two for anything to go around me and that’s not a happy thought.  So I guess I’ll have to wait until I’m settled in the new place.

 Days till Halloween…78 days