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Good Morning,  as promised here I am, bright and early to bring you some things that are hauntingly beautiful to me for my daily halloween countdown post.  It saddens me that places are left to decay like this instead of receiving the love they deserve.  I would kill to have some of these places.  I know not to whether they are haunted or not, I merely find them beautiful.   Some of them are known for their haunts and have appeared in shows for this reason for investigation.  🙂

I don’t claim ownership or credit for any pictures within this post, they were found online.  If you own any of the pictures and wish them removed, please let me know.  I’ll be happy to do so.

d0e7f86fd02f11ee14abf281383bee65Julia Buccola Petta in 1927, exhumed after 6 years in the grave. Her mother had dreams where her daughter asked to be dug up… and it took years to get the Archdioscese to agree to it. The photo is of her nearly pristine body, post-exhumation.






97ab8b904208eb6fc44864b19d6db4e9Adams Theatre With William E. Lehman as architect, the theatre first opened in January, 1912 as the Shubert Theatre, presenting Broadway plays and try-outs.









 Ruins of Holyrood Abbey, Scotland