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After suffering a migraine all day Friday, I was glad it eased up enough to see Evil Dead with my boyfriend that night. We had been waiting for it to be released for quite some time now.  I’ve seen the original and have to admit I haven’t seen the others, the sequal or Army of Darkness. I plan to if I can ever find them!


I wasn’t sure what to expect and saw it with an open mind. I’m not one of those die hard fans that go balistic when a remake comes out.  As I said before, I kept an open mind.  I went into the theater not expecting anything. I think its better that way, then you won’t be disappointed right?   

We weren’t disappointed and both thought it was really good. In fact we want to see it again.  We both like gorey stuff and it definitely didn’t lack in that department. I wouldn’t call it exactly a remake, but loosely based on the original. Yes, it did have the group of people at the cabin and some of the key scenes, but the plot was a little different.  I won’t spoil it for those that haven’t seen it and want to by saying anymore about it.   My boyfriend and I are a little on the morbid side so naturally we laughed at different things.  I think out of the 10 other couples we were the only ones that found anything funny.  Others were either covering their faces or giving us looks…oops.  😉

Anyway, has anyone else seen it?  How did you like it?