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I feel like I’m about to blow up, kind of like a ticking time bomb.  I have been sick off and on for three months now.  I’ve had my email hacked three times, facebook hacked which I have deactivated and now I get on here after not having been on in FOREVER and someone has hacked my account.  My settings, and the looks of my blogs are shit now,  I will have to correct them.  Someone changed the name on one of them at least from my view.  That blog, (Journey to a Healthier Me) I have deleted, thank you to the douche bag who changed the name.  I refuse to let someone play games with me.   I will also be deleting my Pet Portrait Blog and using my actual site blog instead.  Sorry to anyone following me.  I’m a little angry over all this.  My main blog The Lone Wolf is here to stay, rest assured.