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Why should people get all the goodies during various holidays?  What about mans best friend, the dog?  I have always loved baking treats for my babies.  Yes, I called them my babies.  I don’t have children, so all my pets are like my family regardless of if I had children or not.   My eldest dog Xander (below), grew up with homemade treats, so naturally anything that went into the oven he automatically thought was his!  I can’t tell you how many times I had to pull him away from the open oven door to prevent him from getting burned.


During the holidays I like baking for pets of family and friends.  Sometimes I do get a bit carried away with favors and shapes.  Xander and Felix don’t seem to mind being the testers, a wagging tail and begging is always a sign it was delicious!  When baking for others I always include and would recommend a label on the container that gives the ingredients included in each treat, if multiple variety.  This is due to some dog having allergies.

Note: If you’re thinking of baking home made treats it’s important to make sure there are no allergies with any of the pets your baking for. The link provided will take you to a site that is pretty informative of toxic foods to dogs.

I’ll be posting some recipes and pics of my pups favorite home made treats this weekend. 🙂