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Thank you Morrighan at The Enchanted Solitaire for nominating me for this award. 🙂  It was a surprise and made my morning.

The rules for this award are:

Post the award picture in your post

Nominate 5 other Wiccan/Pagan blogs.  If you don’t know of 5 then nominate as many as you can, notify the bloggers that you have nominated them.

Answer the 7 questions below, the questions can be modified as long as they are still Wiccan/Pagan related.

stop by Ayslyn’s Corner to have your name added to the list of blogs nominated.

Here are my nominees for the Witchy Blog Award…in no particular order.

1. Cassie Being Cassie, lady of the Left

2. The Crystal Channelers

3. Coswiccamom

4. Witchy Rambles

5. The Bad Witch Files

1. How did you ‘discover’ wicca/witchcraft?

I’ve never been a religious person, but have always found nature to be more of a welcome and comfort to me.  I have always had a way with animals and felt different from others.  I started reading books on witch craft in my teens, but found that I always do things on my own than by a book.  It just feels more natural that way.

2. Do you grow herbs?- yes

3. Are you in the ‘broom closet’ if not share your coming out experience-

Only a few people now.  I’ve always considered myself an atheist, but worshiping nature.  No one in my family understands and always tells me I need to pray and believe in god.  My two best friends are always behind me and not judgemental as most people are.  I’m not very vocal when it comes to myself.  I’m a pretty quiet person so talking about myself makes me uncomfortable.

4. What tradition do you follow?

 I worship nature, but don’t really worship any gods, goddess, or deities.  Perhaps mother earth is who I lean more toward.  I’m interested in all traditions and learning about them.  My family has irish and scottish ancestry so anything celtic has always caught my attention.

5. Do you consider yourself witch/pagan/wiccan (or maybe something else?)

 hedge witch

6. How much of wicca/witchcraft are you able to incorporate into everyday life?

Almost daily or when it feels right

7. Do you have a familiar?

I have a spirit guide that is a wolf that comes to me in my dreams.  He’s been there ever since I can remember.  Sometimes I feel him when awake.  Also a crow and owl frequent my dreams.  There is a crow that often perches on my porch and looks in my living room window at me.