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Just because Halloween is over doesn’t mean I wait until the following year for anything spooky, horrific, or ghostly.  That to me is something I can’t live without.  I live for horror movies, ghost hunting, books, and anything else I can get my hands on re-guarding the unknown or horror.  Again that is the morbid and strange side to me…if there is another side.  

What is it that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand?  What are you’re fears?  Have you ever wondered what it is about old places, dark hallways and stairs that are so creepy?  The anticipation of what lies in the dark or around the corner.  That spine chilling feeling when looking into a mirror and seeing something other than your own reflection starring back.   I find it all rather fascinating.  I haven’t found anything yet that scares me.  Yeah, I have a phobia of dolls and clowns, but its not a fear to me.  They just freak me out.   They don’t cause me to run or scream.  I’ve never been a screamer.  I keep waiting for something to get me.  I go to so many movies, haunted places, amusement parks during Halloween trying to find at least one thing and nothing.  It’s rather disappointing when all you want is to have something scare you.  I know, it sounds silly WANTING to be scared of something when so many people don’t like it.  For me though its a thrill, almost like a challenge or something.  Call me bat shit crazy, it wouldn’t bother me.