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Pumpkin carving Friday night.  Looks so serious doesn’t he?  Hehehe!  After looking through the patterns we bought I decided to go with the tombstone and zombie arm.  He wanted to make something up as he didn’t   really like any of the patterns.  

I was pretty upset when I started gutting my pumpkin and realized it was rotten inside!  I never would have known from the look of the outside, oh well.  I went ahead and carved it anyway.  It turned out cute but didn’t last long, because of the rotten section.  It’s been on my porch along with Josh’s.  I happened to check on them Sunday morning and the arm had caved in.  I don’t really think those last long anyway.

We had an audience when carving.  My two  dogs were very attentive.   When there’s food involved they’re always around!  There’s one more pumpkin to carve, but it was so late we both decided to call it quits.    Perhaps Halloween night 🙂