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Now that I’m able to write a little something with this post, here goes.  The hurricane going through made it hard enough to upload the pictures so I figured I’d add something later.

I was quite disappointed I wasn’t able to do the zombie walk Saturday as planned, but you know how life is sometimes.  I ended up going to a get together of sorts with my boyfriend instead.  I have to admit I was nervous since I haven’t seen these people since High School, but ended up having fun.  It was good seeing the people I use to talk to back then.

Instead of going as Dead Red Riding Hood, my bf and I went as vampires (yeah I know.. Original..haha, but it was fun).  I made my own costume along with some added accessories.


20121029-112318.jpg  We’re quite the goofy pair, but that’s what makes it so fun.  We’re so much alike it’s scary sometimes, but in a good way.   He definitely makes my cold blood run hot..just a little vampire humor. 😉      


  The gang, Left to Right…zombie, Nacho Libre, Vampire, Death, and Vampire (she didn’t have time to dress up, but had fangs haha)