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Yup, it’s another Monday.  I’m hopeful this week will be better than the last, as it was rather craptastic….to say the least.

I did however, have a fun Friday night at Kings Dominion with my honey.  It was amusing that we seemed to be two of the few “adults” there.  Sweet goddess, did it make me feel my age being around all those young teenagers.  I have to admit though, we were like two kids in a candy store riding all the roller coasters and going through the “haunted” areas of the park.   What a great time!  No, it wasn’t scary.  I don’t think I’ve ever found anything scary in my life.  What others find frightening I find fascinating.  To me horror is exciting.  Yes, I’m a little twisted and morbid.  Sure dolls and clowns freak me out, but they don’t scare me to the point of screaming and running from them.  We actually when through a place called “The Doll Factory”.  The makeup on people was very well done and the props…well..they were dolls, enough said.  I found it more interesting to look at than scary.  The only thing that bothered me were the strobe lights that gave me an instant migraine.    Me and lights, sun light, etc.  don’t do well together.  Aside from that it was a blast.

Now, onto my Dead Red Riding Hood costume for Halloween.  I have collected everything I need.  Now its time to start creating!  I’ll be making the dress/costume over the next weeks.  🙂

Update on the Blog Challenge.  You guys kept me busy with jumping jacks and crunches over the weekend!  Keep it up! 🙂  I might change it up weekly to different activities.