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Staten Island is a borough of New York City in the southwest part of the city. It is also home to many haunted locations. Here are some of the more popular ones:

Abandoned Cement Factory – Inside the factory, disembodied footsteps, screams, and voices have been heard, and on one occasion the entire factory shook. On the second floor of the factory, a chair that was placed in the corner had moved by itself to a desk in the center of the room.

Baron Hirsch Cemetery – Spirits have been reported at this cemetery since the 1800s. Some people living in the neighborhood have reported that the spirits in the cemetery gravitated to the houses nearby and have become unwelcome residents.

Old Brier House – When it was occupied, a little girl who once lived there saw an apparition of a woman in a wedding gown at the end of a hall. Also, everyday at 2:00 in the morning, the residents would hear gunshots coming from the basement.

Billop House – In this location, several Revolutionary War era ghosts have been seen in both the house and the garden.

Canard Mansion – The ghostly face of a man who committed suicide in the 1800s appears in the window on the second floor.

College of Staten Island – The radio station has reported equipment running on its own, as well as lights going on and off by itself, and sightings of figures standing in rooms.

The Conference House – This house is said to be haunted by Redcoats. When walking through the house, one can feel as if someone is tapping on their shoulder, or can even hear the faint sound of singing.

Fort Wadsworth – The ghosts here like to play games with the eyes. A ghost of a mysterious soldier has been seen walking through walls, and moving cars. Some people have also reported blacking out and having flashbacks. One woman reported flashing back to war time and seeing through the eyes of a nurse with black curly hair. She saw people hurt and dying in a room. When she looked outside a window, a soldier grabbed her arm and turned her around, screaming in her ear, telling her to get down and take cover. The room exploded and she came back to reality. Also, within a blink of the eye, one could see dead soldiers with blood on an empty field.

Kreischer Mansion – In this mansion, it is said that a girl had been pushed in to and locked in a closet that would not open until someone had to break the door down. Mysterious banging noises, doors slamming on their own, and apparitions in the mirrors have been reported, as well as cold winds in the basement areas.

Old Seaview Hospital – Once an old T.B. and insane asylum hospital, this place is one of the more popular haunted locations on the island. The spirits of tortured patients are said to haunt the hospital’s halls.

The Parsonage – At nighttime, many have seen the apparition of a woman in old-fashioned clothing and a bonnet in the upper window, and on some days, a ghostly single light-bulb hanging from the ceiling flickers and sways. Also, when eating at the restaurant, spirits dressed in civil war attire have been reported walking out the door and toward the cemetery across the street.

Richmond Town – A number of historical places are located here. These houses are hundreds of years old. All of them are known to have spirits in them. Late at night, one of the houses that is white in color with a green cellar door, is reported to have the apparition of a little boy in the left-hand window. The schoolhouse located in Richmond Town is also haunted. The graveyard located next to the old courthouse has many restless spirits in it. One spirit is that of a young girl with a broken heart, who wanders at night looking for her lost love. When boys walk passed this graveyard or through Richmond Town, this girl sometimes mistakes them for her lost love. Richmond Town has been featured in an episode of Ghost Hunters.

St. Augustine Monastery – During the 1800s, this monastery was a holding ground for nuns, priests, and monks in training. One of these monks is reported of have gone crazy. He went about and killed everyone in the monastery. To this day, it is said that his restless spirit still roams the halls. Some researchers have even claimed that they have seen or felt the spirit in the basement area.

Tottenville – The woods at the end of Hylan Boulevard were once an Indian burial ground, so be careful in this area.

Vanderbilt Tomb – Photos taken at the tomb are said to either have additional unknown persons, or just the tomb appears with none of the people who posed.

West Brighton – A dark man is said to run in front of cars carrying an item or two in this location of the island.

Wolfe’s Pond Park – This location is haunted by an incident that took place in the 1970s. Two teenagers mistakenly drove-off the 20-foot drop cliff into the large pond. People have reported experiencing ghost sensations or visions of a phantom car rolling and overturning into the lake. Also in the 1970s and 1980s, several children were abducted, raped, and murdered in these woods. Several people have reported hearing disembodied screams and crying, as well as seeing little children walking on the path searching for their parents, or possibly their killer.

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