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Morning everyone,  I feel the need to vent and I apologize in advance.  For someone that has asthma, allergies, and migraines I hate the humidity and warm weather that for the most part trigger all these.  SO, when I have dealt with such a long hot and humid summer living in Virginia I feel the need to vent.  We never had a winter let alone a spring since it was so warm this year.  I have done my time with the heat and now its finally starting to cool off at night and all I hear in the mornings is “I hate this cold weather!  We haven’t even had a transition period!”  Um, yes we have because its still warm outside its just starting to cool off at night!  Stop your bitching people!  I have done my time with this heat and being sick!  I’m SO ready for cool weather so I can breath and actually get out to enjoy nature without being miserable and sweaty.  Honestly, how can people enjoy sweating and being hot????  I just don’t get it.  I’m a fall, winter and spring person when the weather is cool.  Ok, I’m done..I’ve spoken my peace.