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Does the pain ever stop?  I had to make the hardest decision I have ever had to make Friday.  My sweet baby girls kidneys were failing after 16 years and I did what I thought best for her.

Maggie, a Pit/Boston Terrier was 7 years old when I adopted her from a rescue in 2003.  The sweetest thing you would ever meet.  She was one of three in my little family.  It’s been the hardest few days not only with her gone, but seeing the other two..well, other one grieve.  Felix my chihuahua seems to be indifferent to everything.  However, Xander was a puppy when I adopted Maggie, was raised with her.  He is taking it very hard and it makes this that much worse for me.  I hate seeing my babies hurting.  Just when I think I can’t cry anymore over the loss I start crying again.

Rest in Peace my sweet girl.  Momma loves you.