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Everyone has something/s they fear.  I’m not the type to run, scream, or cry over my fears.   However the things that do freak me out just plain, well…freak me out.

Fear #1

I shudder at the sight of dolls.  It doesn’t matter what kind they are, but the older they are the creepier.

Did I play with dolls as a child?  No, I was never a little girl that played with dolls.  My mom got me a life sized barbie doll for me when I was 2 years old at Christmas.  The thing was taller than I was and not only was I afraid of it, but it fell on me!  To this day she has that damn doll behind her shed and looks rather disgusting.  Could be a prop in a horror film now after all the weathering and tear it has gone through.  She lives to torment me with it.  If it weren’t for my phobia of dolls I just might consider it cool looking, maybe….

They have and always will make me cringe at the sight of them.  Ugh, the picture alone is enough!  Tomorrow awaits for Fear #2!