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I’m over it…over this heat, humidity and sweating that summer brings.  I’m absolutely miserable.   I hate summer!  I have never been a fan.  I’m stuck in the house like a recluse during the summer months, because of this nastiness.  All winter I hear people talk about how cold they are and how they wish for summer!  Why!?  Why do you want to be hot and sweaty?  The heat and humidity do nothing to help my asthma and lets not forget how the sun is NOT my friend.  I burn like a friggin vampire!  Not to mention I’m losing the pigment in my skin so eventually I will be completely as pale one.  The parts of me that already are pale does nothing but burn and it’s quite painful.  Yes, I know I’m whining you can tell me to shut up at anytime.  On to happier topics!

Give me the cool refreshing weather that fall, winter and spring can bring!

Not to mention October being my favorite month and within it my favorite holiday…..anyone?  All Hallows’ Eve or Halloween!


I can not wait!  This girl gets super excited at the thought.  Yes, at 32 I should be a little more mature about it…screw that!  I’m like a kid in a candy store when it comes to All Hallows’ Eve!  Kids, move over I’m ready for some spooktacular fun!

I just started seeing signs up for the Spirit Halloween stores and I have to control my squeals of anticipation.  They open come September which is right around the corner.  (taps foot) Clearly not soon enough for me!  I could decorate my house year round in Halloween stuff and be tickled pink.  Even though I hate the color pink.  But then I would probably be like those people that put up Christmas decorations, then are too lazy to take them down?  Siggghhh, I can wait.

I wish there was a way to open a forum on here so I could get some paranormal experiences going.  You know get a conversation going among followers?  Anyone ever had any experiences, favorite Halloween memory, etc?  Would love to hear them.  ((twiddles thumbs))  Yes, I’m antsy for Halloween………..