What did I do for the fourth?  I’m not the typical cook out/fire works kind of person.  No,  I went to the Science Museum and saw Body Worlds.

It was absolutely AMAZING!!!!!  I have always been fascinated with the body.  Even as a child I wanted to have the chance to see the inside of the body and how it works.  I finally got my opportunity yesterday and with wonderful company, might I add.   🙂

The Exhibit included more than 200 authentic human specimens – including entire bodies, individual organs, and transparent body slices – preserved through Plastination, a revolutionary specimen preservation process. This all-new presentation highlights neuroscience, brain development and performance.

I would definitely recommend anyone interested in the body to see this if you have the chance to.  Its an awesome experience.  The body is an amazing thing, especially after seeing what I did yesterday.  I definitely have a new respect for myself.