So I thought I would vent a little about a portrait I’m currently working on.  I’ve always done commissioned pet portraits.  Someone recently asked if they could commission me to do their previous homes and I thought, sure why not?  I have never done them before aside from just personal drawings, but how hard could it be?  I had NO idea what to charge so did a little research online and found prices from $200-up.  However, stupid me quoted $100.  Now after having completed 2 portraits and currently working on the third I find that I’m kicking myself in the ass over the price.  It’s no wonder people charged more, because I am clearly NOT getting the money I deserve for the amount of time and work I’m putting into these pictures.  I can’t go back on my quote though so I pretty much screwed myself!  Lesson learned!!!  Ugh!  I’m so frustrated!

Oh and not only that, but they are the BIGGEST Nit pickers evvvverrrr.  I probably shouldn’t be talking about a customer like this, but whatever.  First time I have and if you met these people you would understand.  I completed the third drawing after approval of various questions I had for them.  Example, I had asked if they wanted the trees filled in since the photograph they gave me to work from was from winter.  The other portraits I did for them all had leaves and thought they might want them to “flow”.  They agreed they wanted them to match.  Sooooo I added leaves to the trees based on the size of the trees in the picture. What do you know?  They went back on what they approved which is why I’m doing it over again!  You can not erase ink people!!!!  They also proceeded to say “oh, there is suppose to be such and such over here.” I also am not a mind reader and did not see your home in person!  If its NOT in the photograph I can’t draw it now can I?  When we originally spoke before starting all the portraits I told them my procedure is that I work from a photo,  if something is not in a picture how am I suppose to know it was there?  Enough said.

Ok, I’m done bitching…