Nature always has a surprising way of bringing a smile to your face even at the toughest moments when you didn’t think possible.
I went outside to feed my cats and happened to glance in the front yard and a beautiful doe was watching me. It may not have brought a full smile, but at least it got a half of one and a slight sigh.
On Wednesday May 16, I left work early to be with my great aunt who was dying. My real grandmother was never in my life so I don’t consider her as such. For that reason my great aunt Catherine, who we all called CaCa was my true and in my eyes my real grandmother. She was such a giving and caring person that never asked for anything in return. She was a second mother to many. You could say she was my mothers true mom in a sense. She practically raised her and her siblings.
I will not go into detail of that day as it’s to hard. I will just say that watching someone pass is the hardest thing I have ever had to do. Growing up I was always the one to find our pets dying or already passed, but it never prepares you for this. I’m just glad that she isn’t suffering anymore and was with those she considered her “babies”.
The past few days have been incredibly rough and I have yet to find release. Everyone around me as had a good cry yet I find myself unable to let it out. I’m torn inside and its like my lid is on too tight and won’t let go.
I’m rambling now..