As usual my weekend plans changed from what I had intended, but that’s ok. Every thing on my “to do” list will eventually get do. Although it always seems to be growing rather than shrinking!
Saturday was a beautiful day spent at the park with family for Easter. My little cousin who is at that fun age of 4 ran around Easter egg hunting with the rest of the children in the park.

Such a fun day ended with majorly sun burn on my neck and shoulders! Ouch! Yes, I was wearing sunblock. I just burn easily. I’ve had sun poisoning before and this feels very much like it. Every time my clothes or anything touches it I was to vomit.
Any who, Sunday is here and my plans were to work in the yard. However, any time I go in the sun my neck and shoulders feel like I’m on fire. So looks like I’m stuck inside.

20120408-173037.jpg So spring cleaning it is! I put on my Cinderella rags and have been cleaning my fanny off. Not literally of course, you know what I mean. 😉
In the background I’ve had classic horror movies playing. I’m a fanatic for horror movies. I’ve decided to call it quits cleaning for the day and now back to working on my wenches costume for the Ren Faire!
Have a magical day!