The darkness of the night falls around me like a lovers embrace.  The coolness of a breeze whispering through the trees to caress my pale cheek like a stroking finger beckoning me closer.  Like an obedient child I obey as if in a trance, my feet stepping bare through the damp grass of the cemetery’s path.  Passing between headstones the tips of my fingers glide over the rough textures absentmindedly.

What is it about a cemetery that’s so inviting?  Let me rephrase…what is it about them to me that is so inviting? For most people they might find them rather creepy and depressing.  I, myself find them rather peaceful.  A quiet place for reflection , to stop, sit and listen.  You never know what you might hear let alone see if you open yourself up.  They hold such history in them, our history.  They are really quite beautiful.  Naturally, I speak for myself when I say this.   I prefer the older more “lived in” cemeteries.

From the time I was a child until now I always had a fascination with ghost and horror movies.  I loved hearing and telling ghost stories.  As a child my mother use to tell us stories at night during sleep overs or on camping trips around a fire.  A cousin of mine recently told me when we were little, he was more scared of the stories my mom use to tell us than the horror movies we use to watch.  Love it!

I also had a favorite book of ghost stories I use to read when I was younger.  I believe I still have the book in my collection.  I’m a pack rat when it comes to books!  I’m running out of shelf space and they are now in awkward piles, but I digress.

One might think our family is strange, for we use to hide and scare each other.  It was all in good fun and I find myself doing it even as an adult to my poor dogs.   Although I have to say they must like it since they always come back for more and  wagging their tails. Maybe they are just as nuts as I am, haha!