There are so many kinds of places I would love to call home.  Yet the one that stands out the most is a stone cottage with an English garden.  Perhaps over looking a cliff side of the sea and backed against a vast forest.  I saw  the movie “the Holiday” a year ago when my mom said to me, “You have got to watch this movie!  I love it.”  I’ve never been one for chick flicks, however this movie has a lot of humor as well so I watched it.  Loved it!  Especially the cottage its warm charm.  

Everything about this cottage is so inviting.  From the little blue gate to the front door. I’ve always wanted a library and working on one of my own as we speak.  I have so many books they have started accumulating in piles!

The kitchen is absolutely precious.  The blue cabinets, scatter rug, stone walls and fireplace.  Who wouldn’t want a fireplace in the kitchen?  I would use it for cooking 🙂


I know I’m using “love” a lot, but I just can’t help myself.  Love the exposed beams in the ceilings and fireplaces in every room.  Sigh,  we can all dream.