The countdown has begun for Halloween.  Approaching fast and my excitement grows the closer it comes.  Being my favorite holiday I’m completely ecstatic!  Though I have to say year round I still hold my enthusiasm for horror, the morbid and the unknown. An avid fan of ghost hunting, cemeteries and the like; I thrive on the things that go bump in the night. As a child growing up and even now having a family that has always scared each other or played pranks.  These things are such fun for me and perhaps that is why they have become my weakness. 
This holiday and time of year has now become something of a treasured time for me.  It has now become a tradition shared with my bestie Tracey and Kendall.  The one time of year I get to see them so we make the best of it. Now, my biggest task is deciding on a costume idea.  Something different than the usual costumes. Let the creativity begin..mwhahaha!