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Its been a long time since I’ve posted anything to this blog.  I’ve been so busy I just can’t keep up with blogging.

I thought I would share what I have been working on.  Aside from working on art. I have been busy writing my first book series.  The Inherited Gene Series.  The first book will be out early summer.  I’m so excited, it still doesn’t feel real.  Now that its going through the editing phase it’s starting to sink in.

If you like the apocalypse genre be on the look out for this!


Nature’s Inspiration


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What’s new?  Premade and custom bracelets!  The below is a custom made 3 wrap beach inspired bracelet for a friend.

I am accepting orders so if you’re interested in having something custom made for someone special or for yourself step over to my Custom Bracelet listing and select the desired bracelet you would like and make note of any colors, charms, types of beads you’re interested in and I will design you something just for you.  Not sure what you want?  I can help you with that too, just send me an email!

 This style bracelet comes in several number of wraps ranging from 1-5.

 1 wrap – $15

2 Wrap – $20

3 Wrap – $25

4 Wrap -$30

5 Wrap – $35


New Blog


Hey guys and gals!fabercastellI’m horrible about keeping up with posting.  I’ve been super busy lately and with so much going on, blogging’s been the last thing on my mind.  I’m not that good at it to be honest.  I’m just a private person.  I wanted to share my new blog located on my website Pet Portraits by Heather.   Hop on over and if you like what you see, sign up to stay up to date on news and my artwork.  Thank you for your support!

For those of you following me here at The Lone Wolf, this blog will be staying around.  It was my first blog and sentimental-a part of who I am.  I’ll try to get better about posting to it.

Have a magical day,



Latest Portraits and Creations


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I haven’t been around in quite some time.  I’ve been so swept up in sewing projects and portraits I haven’t been able to make time for blogging.  Anyone that follows me has seen some of the miscellanous stuff I’ve sewn by hand.  My parents bought me a sewing machine to experiment with so I have been learning how to use that since I got it.  Since then I have sewn a baby blanket & My Little Pony -Rainbow Dash (for my niece).

20150104_214018   PHOTO_20150115_220646

Both recipients of the baby blanket & pony loved them!  Which I’m happy about.  I’m considering making the ponies to sell on Esty, once I have gotten done with my list of projects.

Next brings me to my passion, my pet portraits.  I’ve done 2 so far between December and present, with another I’m getting ready to start on.

Millie Pete



Happy Crafting!



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It’s been awhile since I’ve posted.  There’s been so much going on lately I can’t seem to keep up with things, maybe I’ve just been lazy with my blog or forgotten about it.  I think it’s the latter.  Anyway..

I got married a few weeks ago.  Yayy…everyone seems to think I should be so much more happy than I already was with my mate.  The truth is I don’t feel or I should say, we don’t feel any differently than we did before.  No big deal to us since we aren’t religious and far from traditional.  We’d planned to be life parteners anyway; all marriage is, is a legal binding and everything else seems to be for everyone else.  We didn’t want a wedding, rings, party, gifts or Honeymoon..simply put we just wanted something that was between the two of us and no fuss.  Everyone has driven us nuts, because of our lack of tradition and religion.  At least have a party or honeymoon they say.  Why?  We don’t want a party.  If we had a party it would be for everyone else and we’d be paying for it!  We don’t want a honeymoon, because to us its a waste of money when we already spend time together plus trying to save for a house.

Our day was for us, no one else.  We chose to married March 20th since it was the first day of spring.  We’ll celebrate every year on the first day of spring.  People either get it and think its cool or look at us like we have horns.  It was just the two of us and the justice of the peace.  It took all of 2 minutes for the I do’s and vows.  He told me I didn’t have to change my last name, because he didn’t own me.  I think it’s an honor since he’s my mate so I changed it.  It’s taken longer to get my last name changed than anything.  We plan to get matching tattoos around our left forearms as soon as we finish doing a little more research and I can get it drawn up.   The idea is two wolf heads facing each other with a celtic knot connecting them.  The research is for the celtic knots since we want to find the meanings of them first before picking anything.  However, there isn’t much documentation for their meanings and its been difficult.

The Biggest Loser Challenge ended March 9th, I came in 3rd place so was pretty happy since winning was a bonus to me on top of losing weight.  I have continued on my journey to reach my goal.  I hurt my shoulder while working out a few weeks ago so that has slowed me down.  I’m not entirely sure what I did.  I never went to the doctor since I hate going. All I know is there was a loud pop, no pain so kept working out; though later couldn’t lift my arm above my head for a few days without being in pain.  I can tell you trying to undress/dress was quite painful and I needed assistance.  Its been about 3 weeks since it happened and as of yesterday I’m back on point and feeling better.   I still have a little discomfort when moving my arm/shoulder a certain way, but I’m pushing forward.

I’ve covered a lot in this post so far.  Whew, onto the next topic!  Zombies!  Naturally, I’m sure people are rolling their eyes since I always post something about zombies.  I just can’t help myself.  A girl at work sent me a quiz this morning, Would you survive a zombie apocalypse? Along with her comment, ” I took this quiz last night. I need to get my shyt together! I’d only last 3 weeks!!”  After a laugh I took the quiz myself and this was my result.

4-3-2014 8-32-46 AM

I guess maybe I should be so eager to jump into zombie fighting, huh?

I decided to take the quiz again and rethink things.  I made it past a year this time, but lost my humanity in the process.

How long would you survive?

Biggest Loser Challenge update


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2-20-2014 10-38-02 AM

Just a little update since starting the Challenge.  I have lost 10lbs and 2 inches around my waist.  I have been busting my butt working out twice a day and eating clean.  The challenge is broken up by gender and so far I’m stuck ranking fourth.  Its really frustrating that I’ve been working so hard and all I see the top 3 women doing is walking at the gym.  Really, I don’t get it!?

Biggest Loser Challenge


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biggest-loser-australia-11I have been working hard to get this weight off.  I went every day to the gym over the holidays or worked out at home.  I’ve been pretty dedicated lately. So when the gym at work posted about a Biggest Loser 9 Week Challenge I immediately signed up!  The challenge starts today and ends March 7th.  My goal is to lose 50lbs by the end of April so this contest is good motivation.  Losing the weight is winning to me, however winning the challenge will be a bonus.  The cash from winning would be great for new clothes!  Let the challenge begin!

I have been keeping up with the Zombies Run! 5k training I started a few weeks ago.  I’m hooked!  I never thought I would actually find jogging fun until I came across the app.  I think it’s the whole zombies theme that holds my attention and keeps me going.  You don’t realize how fast the time goes.

I also started Jillian Michaels “No More Trouble Zones” yesterday and plan to make that a 30 day challenge.  After the 30 days are up I’ll switch it up to something else to keep my body guessing.


Time to get your butts up off the couch and moving!




Beautiful Tuesday


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Here’s to the beauty of nature and all its splendor.  Note: I take no credit for any pictures in this post.  If any belong to you and you wish them removed, please ask.  Thank you and have a magical day. 🙂



Zombies, Run 5k


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Here I said I would try to do better blogging and its been a few days or maybe its been a week..I don’t know.  I’ve lost track of time.

I’m on week 3 of the Zombies, Run! 5K training I started a few weeks ago.  I have to say that I love this app! I tried training myself, but having started this app I’m already doing so much better than I could have on my own.  I think its the structure of the whole thing.  Not to mention help from the zombies in the back ground, egging me on to run faster. 😉

I’m on my way to being closer to my weight loss goal.  I’ve set a goal for 5 months to reach it.  With 14 lbs down, I have 55 lbs left to lose.  I’m not so much worried over the weight as I am the measurements.  I just want to get back into shape, be healthier and into my old clothes again. I thought I could reward myself by saving a few bucks with each pound or inches lost.  Once my goal has been met, use the money to buy new clothes.  Sounds good to me since I’ll be needing them!  Well, with 5.59 miles down during my lunch break I’m heading home to work out again!  Have a magical day! 🙂



Tuesdays Beautiful Things


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Starting Tuesday morning with a few things I find beautiful.  No credit is taken for any of the following pictures.  If any are yours and you wish them removed, please let me know.

Daily Funny


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I’m on a roll with posting to my blog this morning.  I seem to have phases where I post a lot or not at all.  I need to get better about it and at least try to blog a few times a week.

Here is my daily funny or what might turn into one of my many funnies for the day.  I’m so far ahead at work I have nothing to do, so may end up posting a lot to get through the day.

I found this youtube video this morning and died laughing at the guys reaction.  It’s funny how the table turns and his reaction.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug


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I can’t tell you how excited I am for this to come out in theaters.  Over the weekend I bought the first part of The Hobbit (extended addition), that came out last December 2012.  My boyfriend and I saw it in theaters at least 3 times.  Hehehe, I do love these movies.  Not just the Lord of the Rings, but any type of fantasy movie.

Winter is coming..


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I love fall and wish it would actually stick around instead of heating up like it has been.  Got to love Virginia weather, NOT!  Give me the cold any day, I can do without the heat.   There’s never any consistancy in Virginia.   Winter is coming though or at least around the corner.  With that in mind it puts me in a wintery & cozy mood; so I thought I would post some pictures I find beautiful for the season.

None of these pictures are mine and I take no credit for them.  If any of them are yours and wish them removed, please let me know. 🙂




Zombies, Run! 5k


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On my journey to creating a healtier me I have been trying to work up to jogging.  I started doing intervals two months ago, but between asthma and getting sick so much it’s slowed me down.  I’ve also been having knee pain when jogging.  Does anyone else experience this as well?  What do you do for it?  I’m hoping losing some weight will help the issue and it’ll go away.


Yesterday someone at work mentioned a friend of theirs used a training app and it’s helped them build up to running.  I thought it was a great idea!  I remember seeing one for zombies 5k awhile back. Yes, I said zombies!!  It’s called Zombies, Run! 5k so looked it up and downloaded it to my phone.  I’m a horror nut, so what a perfect theme to get me motivated and more focused!? I can’t wait to start training today.  I registered this morning, but have my profile private….unless I could get some people to join me.  Then I might consider sharing. 😉



Owl Drawing


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I’m a horrible procrastinater.  I started on a great horned owl months ago, just as a hobby and trying out new techniques.  I like to draw in between pet portraits to keep myself going and improve on things.  There is always room for improvement on anything. 🙂  Any who, I always start things then get bored with them and forget about them for a while.  As with the case of the owl..

Here’s a shot of the owl I have been working on.  I picked it back up the other night.  Sorry for the quality of the picture, I took it with my phone’s camera.


Once he’s done it’ll be framed and hung in our new home.  Whenever that may be, since my house is still for sale!  I’m getting very frustrated over the whole thing.  One the plus side I decided to take a stab at wood burning.  I’ll start doing that once moved as well.  I have a wood burning kit and always wanted to try.  If I can get the detail I achieve with my pet portraits onto wood that may be an option for anyone wanting a portrait of their pet on wood.

I also might add I bought my first cross stitch pattern of a wolf (will be hung in our new home).  Any cross stitchers out there with pointers I would greatly appreciate it! 🙂

The Logie Witches


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While drinking my coffee this morning I came across a post by Marie Well, I had to reblog.  I hope you find it as interesting as I did.  Enjoy, and thanks Marie for sharing. 🙂

“I’m so honored to have Karen Soutar here again. This post is amazing, and I can’t thank her enough for sharing her homeland’s witches with us. I so want to go and hangout at Carly Crag. One day I will, and Karen and I will cause chaos and mass hysteria with out love of witches on their own ceremonial land.

The Logie Witches

A few miles from my home stand the ruins of Logie Old Kirk (Kirk being the old Scots word for church). Situated just outside Stirling, a church was first dedicated in this ancient parish around 1173. The ruins date back to around 1592.

In 1720, the Old Kirk was said to be used by ‘The Witches of Logie’ for their rituals. It was probably already falling into disrepair at this time. The use of churches by those practising the ‘Black Mass’ is well documented. Old, often abandoned kirks frequently appear as the meeting place for covens in Scottish folklore.

Logie Old Kirk 2

Behind the Old Kirk is the hill known as ‘Carly Crag’ or ‘Witches Craig’. Carly, or carlin, is the old Scots word for witch, or old woman (from the Gaelic cailleach). It was on Carly Crag that the Logie Witches were supposed to meet with the devil himself, who took the form of a black dog with burning eyes. He would cavort among the witches with a blue torch attached to his hind quarters. Quite why he needed a blue torch there remains unclear! Also, the Evil One was running the risk of a singed bottom, as torches and lamps burned oil at that time. Maybe, being the devil, he was impervious to flame! There are several documents pertaining to this local legend:

In David Morris’s (1935) essay on the local township, he told the common story that “an elder in (the new) Logie Kirk was of the opinion that the Carla’ Craig…was haunted.” At the end of the 19th century, Morris remembered a local lady known as ‘Ailie’, who was said by many old folk to be the traditional ‘witch of Logie’:

“Sickly children were brought to her for her blessing. Occasionally people came from as far as Stirling on this errand. Her method of giving the blessing was to blow her breath on the child, and this was supposed to ward off evil. It was also said that anyone buried in Logie Kirkyard on the first day of May, Halloween, or other days of that kind, without her blessing, would not rest in his grave…”

Another legend told to Morris stated that:

“Around 1720 witches were believed to rendezvous with the Evil One who would appear in the form of a large black dog.” This is clearly the most well-known tale relating to Logie Old Kirk and Carly Crag. Again, the devil appearing in the form of a dog crops up more than once in the folklore of Scotland. Another account of the belief in witchcraft and animistic pre-Christian rites on the crag came from Charles Rogers (1853):

Carly Crag

“About the second decade of last century, there lived in the parish of Logie several ill-favoured old women, to whom the reputation of witchcraft was confidently attached. They were believed to hold nocturnal dialogues and midnight revels with the Evil One, and Carlie Crag was regarded as one of their places of rendezvous. Satan, though he was believed to appear to them in various forms, was understood, in his interviews with the dreaded sisterhood, to appear most frequently in the aspect of a large shaggy dog, in which form it was alleged he had repeatedly been seen by the minister.”

I first heard the story of The Logie Witches when visiting the Witches Craig Caravan Park, where I was testing a new tent, believe it or not! I wondered how the park had got its name, and this led me to the local legend, and my explorations of Logie Old Kirk and the Carly Crag. Do the kirk, and the crag, feel spooky? A bit. Do they feel evil? No. The Old Kirk is now overlooked by several modern dwellings, though they do not detract much from its isolated location. There are several interesting gravestones in the Kirkyard, featuring masonic symbols and the macabre skull carvings which are common on grave markers of this era. There is now a new Logie Kirk, built in the early 1800s and still in use, closer to the nearby caravan park and visible from the modern road. The Old Kirk is further up into the hills, shrouded by trees, so it can’t be seen from the roadside.


I used the tale of The Logie Witches as inspiration for a short story, featuring a modern day version of the coven. I played around with the locations of the various landmarks a little (artistic licence!), as I thought it would be funny if my witches had to contend with the road and the caravan park. There will be more stories from my 21st century witches soon!

If you haven’t read this story yet…… what on Earth are you waiting for? The Zombie Apocalypse? Go read it…. here’s the pretty little link to take you there … I love this story. Abosolutely LOVE it…

The crag is a fine site for ritual magic, and its associated devil-lore may simply derive from Pictish shamanistic practices, remains of which have been found across the Scottish hills. These rites survived longer in the remote areas of Scotland than in other parts of Britain. On the other hand, maybe witches did indeed meet with the devil there. Maybe they still do..?

Logie Old Kirk

Next week: The witches who plotted to kill King James VI…

(References: Morris, David, B., “Causewayhead a Hundred Years Ago”, in Transactions of the Stirling Natural History and Archaeological Society, 1935. Roger, Charles,” A Week at Bridge of Allan”, Adam & Charles Black: Edinburgh 1853.)

Thank you again, Karen, for coming by. I can’t wait to read next week’s guest post.”

via The Logie Witches.